Where can I learn how to potty train my child easily?

potty training instructionsKnowing how to potty train your child is not something you know by default. This is something you learn when the time comes and your toddler is ready to let go of diapers and start using the toilet.

So… where can you learn about potty training? where can you find the best tips?

Easy. One word: ONLINE.

Yes, the internet is filled with battle-tested advice on how to teach your son or your daughter how to use the potty. In fact there is so much information out there that sometimes it’s kind of hard to filter the good from the bad.

The thing is that if you follow the advice that some people which actually know what their talking about give you, you can finish potty training in a weekend. All you have to do is know where to look for the right information.

Regardless, there is one piece of advice I always give to parents who want to start potty training their toddler is to plan everything out to the smallest of details. Planning is like 50% of the battle, when it comes to toilet training small kids.

For instance, want to know which is the best potty training chair for your child? Simple just take him shopping, let him or her try out a couple of them. After that you’ll know exactly which one to pick.

Now, when it comes to potty training, there’s huge amounts of free information that you can learn from, but there are also parenting experts that have published extremely detailed guides which give you instructions on potty training.

Probably the most useful and most popular guide online is the Carol Cline potty training guide. It covers toilet training toddlers from A to Z. It gives you everything you need to know to successfully potty train your toddler in 3 days or even less.

Another way you can learn more about toilet training is from the potty training videos you can find on Youtube. There are hundreds of videos from parents who went through what you’re probably going right now, and they share they’re tips.

Well I guess that’s what I wanted to say. Hope this post helps you. Cheers.